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The team at Swagger has worked “tirelessly” (no pun intended) to uncover the best ways to achieve a perfect sleep and perform at your maximum potential. A good night’s sleep has been proven critical for optimal focus, weight loss, athletic performance and mood. We’ve done our best to cut through and cut down on the noise with our selection below.

Our Honest Review Of The Apollo Mattress By GoodMorning.Com

So, last night – were you arguing with your mattress, again? Struggling to find that right cozy “nook,” but only ending up barely coping with a semi-tolerable position?

Who doesn’t know the feeling, right?

We discovered that a hundred thousand Canadians have turned to a mattress to solve this problem, and we had to see (and feel) what the fuss was about. (Okay, we’re slow on the uptake. Don’t judge.)

In 2009, they became the first online luxury mattress brand in North America when premiering their memory foam mattress. This was at a time when buying one without so much as laying on it was unheard of. Instantly, they became industry trailblazers, using premium materials just like competitor’s high-end offerings, but without the high mark-up. Plus, they offer a guaranteed 120-night sleep trial: if it’s not right for you, they’ll pick it up and refund your money.

All industry-standard today, but they adopted these ideas before any of this was a thing.

Plus, amid growing concerns of sketchy overseas manufacturing, it’s heartening to know that’s products are made by Canadians, for Canadians. Today, they produce a collection of seven varieties of mattresses for every body, bedroom, and budget.

So, we couldn’t resist diving into the’s Apollo Premium Copper Hybrid Mattress to give it the sleep-test. It arrived in a convenient box that was simple to unpack and unroll.

The first impression is the feeling that, when splayed out, you wanna stay awhile. You sink in. It’s the indescribable sensation that the pinpoints of neck, head, limbs and back all mould into the mattress, yet still feel supported.

That’s the memory foam doing what it does – adjusting to each body shift, and then absorbing the impact so you can move around comfortably.

Part of getting a good night’s sleep is the “Goldilocks Effect” – not too cold, not too hot. And this mattress had the just-right throughout the night. We discovered this is their technology: the combination of the cooling yarn cover, micro-gel beads, and micro-coils provide ideal temperature regulation.

Interrupted sleep, let’s be honest, sucks. At least find comfort – and plenty of it – in a mattress.

Imagine, when sleeping in becomes about getting more bed time, and not because you got in past your bedtime.