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June 10, 2022
Best Mattresses For A Goodnights Sleep With Every Sleeper In Mind


Sleep is essential to the human body so is the mattress. In order to protect our back, a mattress promises good posture when we sleep. The muscles and ligaments of our back relax and heal themselves while we sleep. A good mattress ensures that the natural curve of the spine is secured and our ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned, even as we turn while sleeping.

The National Sleep Foundation found that 92% of people say a comfortable mattress is important to […] Read More

March 1, 2022
Hygee at Home: The Juno Mattress


Sleep is one of our favourite things. And when we got the chance to rest our heads on a Juno king-size mattress by, we were overjoyed to actually sleep well at night. With its radically low prices and designs that fit every body, we were quick to hop on the bandwagon when the lush Juno mattress made its way to our front door […] Read More

November 21, 2021
My Novosbed – the secret to my great sleep


Up until this fall, I lived in the same home for over 10 years. That also meant sleeping in the same bed, and on the same mattress, for the same amount of time. For years I shamefully neglected my sleep, both the quality and duration of it. I could be heard callously saying “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. In truth, I didn’t know what I was missing. So when I moved into my new home just a couple of months ago, I decided it was time for a new bed as well. […] Read More

October 10, 2021
Circadian Rhythms


It was a Friday afternoon, nearing the end of the work day.  I was tired and filthy, covered in plaster dust.  As 5:00 p.m. drew closer, I could feel my excitement growing at the thought of my impending freedom from another long work week.

Then I noticed a box. […] Read More

July 12, 2021
The Douglas Mattress From Made Our Dreams Come True


Beds in boxes are no longer a novelty, so what does it take to impress us when it comes to this modern-day sleep solution? A mattress that’s delivered to our door with, well, more.

Enter—the great Canadian mattress company whose Douglas is a bestseller among its wide range of sleep solutions. The Douglas’ first points were scored as soon as it showed up; delivered in four days flat, despite being a queen (it also comes in eight other sizes) we found this mattress surprisingly light, a cinch to manoeuvre through our tight townhouse and easy to unbox […] Read More

June 18, 2021
Have a Good Morning


While I had heard the expression ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattress before, I’d never experienced one. As we were amid the Covid pandemic, my traditional shopping options were limited and my time to find a solution was running out. Although I was somewhat reluctant, I was comforted by the 120-night sleep trial, free shipping and returns, and the 15-year warranty.

With a few clicks, I selected the Douglas in an RV queen short size.  We immediately received an order confirmation, followed by an email with a tracking order and delivery date. Like some of the best online retailers, I was able to set up an account and could follow my order online through the process […] Read More

April 9, 2021
Meet Andy and Sam Prochazka, the Twin Canadian Entrepreneurs Who Mastered DTC


At first, Andy and Sam Prochazka may seem like a regular pair of twins. They bounce off each other easily in conversation and laugh together over contradicting memories of the past. However, these two share more than just their DNA and memories. They’re also the co-founders of two of Canada’s leading lifestyle DTC brands: Article and For #NationalSiblingsDay, Bay Street Bull sat down with Andy and Sam Prochazka to talk about their intertwined lives as twins and co-founders […] Read More

February 27, 2021
Casper VS Endy: We Decided to expand our options – find out why


While this was originally understood to be a Casper Vs. Endy trial, I decided to bring a third option into the mix as I wasn’t completely satisfied with either choice. The Logan & Cove mattress by ended up blowing the other 2 mattresses I tried out of the water.

It uses a blend of motion-isolating pocket coils and 2 layers of soy-infused foam that ensure that I am NEVER disturbed by my partner’s rustling and shifting in the night. Layers of airflow circulating gel and bio-foam as well as a temperature-regulating silk-blend layer delivered the most efficient cooling effects of all 3 mattresses. I especially loved the extended trial period of 120 days, the other 2 companies offer only 100 days […] Read More

October 27, 2020
Find Your ‘Mattress Match’: Douglas vs. Apollo vs. Logan & Cove


In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, a good night’s sleep – in all of its mental and physical health-boosting glory – is more important than ever before. 

Sure, a reliable bedtime, meditation app, or dose of melatonin can help your deep-sleep cause, but a successful sleep really comes down to […] Read More

October 7, 2020
Sleep Like a Boss


We discovered that a hundred thousand Canadians have turned to a mattress to solve this problem, and we had to see (and feel) what the fuss was about.

In 2009, they became the first online luxury mattress brand in North America when premiering their memory foam mattress. This was at a time when buying one without so much as laying on it was unheard of. Instantly, they became industry trailblazers, using premium materials just like competitor’s high-end offerings, but without the high mark-up. Plus, they offer a guaranteed 120-night sleep trial […] Read More

Woman sitting on a Douglas mattress with a Canadian sunrise in the background
September 19, 2020
A Mattress for Every Sleeper: A Buying Guide for Beginners


We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for both our mental and physical health.  According to Statistics Canada, 55% of women 18-64 have problems going to or staying asleep.  The same study also showed that about one-third of all Canadians sleep fewer hours per night than recommended for optimal physical and mental health (between 7-9 hours).* There are many factors that can lead to a poor night’s sleep, from stress to poor sleep hygiene. Another factor can also be the age of your mattress. Older mattresses can decrease […] Read More

Man pulling a mattress box up a white staircase in front of a white brick wall
August 23, 2019
Who Makes Canada’s Best Mattress-in-a-Box?


These days, mattresses-in-a-box are as commonplace on the Internet as cat videos. The demand for these vacuum-sealed, compressed and plastic-wrapped foam beds, which arrive at your door packaged neatly in four-foot-tall boxes, can be traced to 2014, when direct-to-consumer sleep company Casper hit the web with a four-layer expandable foam mattress designed to disrupt the sleep industry. (Though It’s worth noting that Edmonton-based Novosbed was on the scene first in 2009.)

Years later, dozens of other mattress-in-a-box bizzes have popped up around […] Read More

January 2, 2019


A few months ago, when it was time for me to get a new mattress, I was dreading the process—I’m really not a fan of in-store shopping, especially for big-ticket items. That’s when a colleague suggested I try a mattress-in-a-box, and my research began. Turns out there are a few brands to choose from, but the one that really stood out to me was Douglas, a Canadian company that creates medium-firm foam mattresses that are plush yet supportive, provide pressure point relief and are conveniently delivered to your doorstep in a few days. To top it off, the company’s manufacturing and shipping processes take place in Canada and the materials they use are sourced solely from Canadian suppliers. What’s not to love? Read More

February 16, 2018
Now Is The Time To Dump Your Lumpy Mattress Once And For All


Fun fact: three-day holiday weekends became synonymous with mattress sales because it was useful for people to have three days off work when stores were open to shop around and consider their larger purchases, like appliances and mattresses! Now you can shop around from the comfort of your own ~wherever you are~ — and from right here in this post — and get those same sweet […] Read More

Woman sitting on the edge of the Novosbed premium memory foam mattress surrounded by books, sunglasses, and clothes
July 8, 2014
Novosbed Innovates on Providing a Better Night’s Sleep


Everybody needs their Beauty Sleep and it should be time well spent. strives to make mattresses better via a direct sourcing model, transparency design, delivery services and proactive customer service. CEO, Sam Prochazka, says that there is plenty of growth in the specialty mattress segment, particularly with online, with a projected growth rate of 18%. The difference between Prochazka’s company and Select Comfort and Tempurpedic is Novosbed is 100% online and has more control over costs and focus on customer service. Finally, Prochazka addresses plans for future growth and potentially going […] Watch Interview

July 1, 2014
This Is What Happens When You Order From The Warby Parker Of Mattresses


The mattress was a dream to sleep on, especially for someone who has spent his entire adult life sleeping on Ikea furniture. It was firm, in a quality way. My girlfriend and I slept like rosy little cherubs on clouds that first night–if said clouds featured space-age technology to contour to the exact specifications of our spinal columns. Small wonder the Aria racks up A+ marks from mattress reviewers. 

[…] Maybe the Novosbed team was actually onto something by calling itself the Warby Parker of mattresses. Read More

March 10, 2022
10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses for the Most Comfortable Sleep


We called in the experts and even tested some of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. Our picks include a perfect fit for every sleep style and budget—and they all ship right to your door.

Choosing the best mattresses for your sleep style and budget doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it’s easier than ever thanks to direct shipping. The best memory foam mattresses can cradle and frame your spine better than other types of mattresses and are offered by […] Read More

Novosbed premium memory foam mattress resting on a brown platform bed frame in a stylish white brick bedroom
November 24, 2021
The Best Mattress in a Box for Every Sleeper (And Every Budget)


We’ve found the perfect internet mattress for every kind of sleepy guy.

These days, to find the best mattress, you’re usually looking for the best mattress in a box. Not only can you order your choice in a few clicks, you can also avoid all the problems that come with perusing brick-and-mortar mattress stores: high prices, scheduling deliveries, creepy sales people asking increasingly invasive questions about how you sleep […] Read More

Woman in a bedroom wearing blue pyjamas. She is sitting cross-legged in a meditation pose on top of the Apollo mattress
July 15, 2021
Apollo mattress review: 30 days of sleep testing


With a myriad of mattress options on the market, how do we possibly choose the right one, and from the comfort of our homes, at that? The mattress-in-a-box trend isn’t going anywhere, and we should be thankful for that. The ease with which we can research, click to purchase and have a vacuum-packed mattress delivered to our door is alarming, yet incredible. 

Gone are the days of walking through a mattress retailer’s brick and mortar, laying on a demo mattress that hundreds have laid on before and having a salesperson tell us why each one may be our perfect match. Traditional price tags seem to be gone too, with budget-friendly options […] Read More

Woman sitting on the edge of the Logan & Cove luxury hybrid pillow-top mattress with a colourful city night sky in the background
July 8, 2021
Logan & Cove mattress review: 30 days of sleep testing


Logan & Cove comes from the family of mattresses by I connected with Samuel Prochazka, president and CEO of GoodMorning, to better understand the history and manufacturing of their mattresses. 

Not only do I appreciate that GoodMorning was one of the first bed-in-a-box to market, but Prochazka is also a really nice person. But I can’t sleep on “nice”, so I tested one of the […] Read More

A Novosbed by sits on a raised wood platform in a bright, white room.
May 31, 2021
The mattress company that started the risk-free sleep trial


When we hear “mattress-in-a-box” we often think of a few key brands, but perhaps not Surprisingly, GoodMorning, founded in Edmonton in 2009,  is the company that started the 120-night sleep trial that so many other brands now offer.

Samuel Prochazka, president and CEO of GoodMorning, played a huge role in the online bed shopping, risk-free buying, bed-in-a-box revolution that has taken over the mattress industry […] Read More

April 7, 2021
How Sam Prochazka Got His Sleep Back


Ask Sam Prochazka, the CEO of the online mattress retailer, whether there’s been a time in his life when he lost sleep, and he’ll say twice — neither of which had to do with the quality of his bed.

The first time was during the Great Recession in 2008 […] Read More

March 26, 2021
Bed-in-a-box concept springs from desire for better buying experience


Talk about the sleepy suburbs and it’s music to Sam Prochazka’s ears.

Those so-called sleepier bedroom communities — newer subdivisions in both greater Edmonton and the metropolitan Calgary region — are spurring growth for, an Edmonton-based mattress manufacturer and one of the first online bed-in-a-box companies in […] Read More

Husband, wife, and young daughter all lying in bed and smiling at something they are seeing on a smartphone
September 19, 2020
Making Wishes Come True


Having a comfortable bed is key to getting a good night’s sleep – and one Alberta company is going the extra mile to ensure sick kids rest well., an online mattress retailer based in Edmonton, says demand for its beds has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Now, the company is using the opportunity to give back.

“We’re happy that the demand we’ve seen for our mattresses this spring and summer not only helped people across the country get a better night’s sleep during a stressful time, but that it also put us in a position to give back in a more impactful way,” said founder and CEO Sam Prochazka in a press release […] Read More

Woman in her bedroom, sitting on the Juno mattress and smiling at the camera. There is an image of the Canadian flag framed and hanging above her bed.
January 10, 2020
Canada’s Biggest Independent Online Mattress Company


Prochazka was out shopping for a mattress when he had an experience reminding him of paying too much at the school canteen. He was looking for a deal on a mattress but felt he couldn’t find anything but pushy sales and high prices. “I thought surely there is an opportunity here to offer better value to customers.”

The Prochazka brothers decided to design their own mattress and sell it online […] Read More

September 11, 2017
What Nobody Tells You About Buying A Mattress


Nothing is more relaxing than snuggling into bed after a long day. But buying a mattress? That event is almost ZERO parts zen.

There’s much to consider when hunting for the centerpiece of your bedroom — but the […] Read More

Smiling young woman in athletic clothes lying atop the Recore performance latex mattress
May 18, 2016
The Comfort Zone


On the fourth floor of the historic Burroughes Building on Toronto’s Queen Street West sits the smallest mattress showroom you can imagine. At 200 square feet, it’s the antithesis to big-box stores with dozens of options on display. This white brick-clad showroom, Endy’s, selling just one style of mattress, looks like the kind of warehouse a guest character on Girls would live in. The Toronto-based startup entered the rising, already competitive direct-to-consumer bed-in-a-box online market a year ago with its eyes set on the coveted, tech-savvy consumer. “It’s the same generation […] Read More

September 8, 2014
When Hiring Stars Is a Bad Idea


Sam Prochazka reviewed dozens of CVs for the manager of customer service position at his company. Or maybe it was hundreds.

“I honestly lost count,” Prochazka said.

That was four years ago, when Prochazka and his partners were setting up, an online mattress company based in Alberta, Canada. They knew the success of ordering beds online hinged largely on happy customers […] Read More

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