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About Us

A Bedtime Story

For over a century, the mattress industry maintained some of the highest price markups of any consumer products. The industry designed and sold mattresses that were confusing to understand, difficult to compare, and came with unnecessary pressure within uncomfortable sales environments.


But ten years ago, things started to change.


We designed and shipped our first memory foam mattress in 2009. At the time, buying a mattress online without even being able to try it first was an unthinkable idea. So we created the world’s first in-home, risk-free trial. If you didn’t like your new mattress, we’d pick it up, donate it to someone who needs it, and give you a full refund. But if you did love it, you would get the same premium materials as any luxury store mattress, for substantially less.

Soon our ideas and inventions were adopted as the new standard. Now, tens of thousands of Canadians nationwide sleep on their mattress every night. And that number grows daily.

We live to design elegant solutions to hard problems and, by doing so, improve people’s lives in clear ways.

Sam Prochazka
Founder & CEO,

A Timeline of Innovation

Try any Mattress at Home For 120 nights.

Guided by True Standards

Offer Incredible Prices

With no store markups, no sales commission, and no middlemen, we make premium quality mattresses available at the best possible prices.

Make It Completely Risk-Free

A mattress you’re absolutely satisfied with, or all of your money back. That’s the unbeatable benefit of Canada’s best home sleep trial.

Be Canada's Best

Every mattress is designed and manufactured in Canada, intended specifically for the needs and comfort preferences of Canadian sleepers.

Deliver a 5-Star Selection

With sleep, one size doesn’t fit all. Instead we offer a proven collection of highly rated mattresses with something for every budget, body, and bedroom.

*A shipping fee may apply to some remote locations

Becoming Canada’s Best Mattresses

Every mattress is the product of over ten years of detailed customer feedback and hundreds of prototypes that strikes the perfect balance of value, comfort, and great Canadian service.

Shaping the Mattress Industry

  • The first online luxury mattress brand in North America
  • The first to offer 100% free returns
  • The first 100+ night in-home sleep trial
  • The first to offer adjustable firmness

Community Donations

We work with a nationwide network of charities and community organizations to keep returned mattresses from going to waste.

Canadian Support

Our Canadian-based care team is always ready to help you, whether over the phone, on social media, or right here on

Environmental Focus

We do our part for the environment by sourcing renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can.

Canadian Social Responsibility

Since we first started selling mattresses over 10 years ago, we chose to donate returned items to Canadian charities and community organizations who distribute them to people in real need.

No returned mattress should have to go to waste. We do everything we can to give back to society and prevent returned mattresses from ending up in a landfill.

This is just another way we have helped define and lead a new standard in the mattress industry.

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

120-Night Home Sleep Trial



Every Mattress Is Proudly Made in Canada

Fast, Free Shipping to Most of Canada

Comprehensive Peace of Mind Warranty

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