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With a myriad of mattress options on the market, how do we possibly choose the right one, and from the comfort of our homes, at that? The mattress-in-a-box trend isn’t going anywhere, and we should be thankful for that. The ease with which we can research, click to purchase and have a vacuum-packed mattress delivered to our door is alarming, yet incredible.

Gone are the days of walking through a mattress retailer’s brick and mortar, laying on a demo mattress that hundreds have laid on before and having a salesperson tell us why each one may be our perfect match. Traditional price tags seem to be gone too, with budget-friendly options galore.

Choosing the right mattress can still feel like a chore.

Enter, Canada’s largest independent online mattress retailer and also one of the pioneers of the mattress-in-a-box scene, having shipped their first mattress in 2009. They’ve created a handy quiz to help customers find the best mattress based on individual sleep preferences, aptly named the Mattress Matchmaker Quiz.

The quiz took me a few minutes, and I learned that of the seven mattress options offered by GoodMorning — all designed for different types of sleepers — the Apollo was my best fit. The quiz is based on tens of thousands of data points from GoodMorning customers, and continues to improve as more people use it.

My partner and I have slept on the Apollo for 30 days now. I tend to be a side sleeper and love comfy, plush, sink-in deep mattresses. My partner is a front and back sleeper, and prefers things on the firmer side to support his lower back. We both sleep warm and keep the window in our bedroom open year-long (yes, even during cold Canadian winters). Our perfect mattress is both comfy and plush, yet supportive and breathable.

Summary: Really happy with my Apollo experience so far. I find I’m staying cool overnight, which is extremely important to me. It’s quite soft and pillowy, which I love. I look for a medium-firm bed that leans towards the softer side. For someone that is looking for solid support, I’d recommend one of GoodMorning’s firmer options, like the Logan & Cove.

Quick facts

Weight recommendations: Up to 250 pounds per sleeper
Mattress firmness: Medium — they rate it a 4.2, I rate it a 5.5 on a scale of 10
Mattress trial period: 120 nights
Mattress warranty: 15 years
Mattress price: $1,249 for the queen

The Apollo is GoodMorning’s premium mattress, so it sits at the highest price point out of the seven options offered on their site. Even so, the price is much lower than many other mattress brands we’ve researched.

This premium mattress features five layers of “supremely comfortable and high-quality materials chosen to give you the ultimate in sleep satisfaction,” according to the company. I would agree!

The Apollo is a foam and micro-coil hybrid sits 12” deep and comes with a machine-washable PolarMax cooling cover. The memory foam is infused with micro-gel beads and antimicrobial copper, which both help cool you down as you sleep.

GoodMorning explains their five-layer technology:

  1. High-density CopperGelTM memory foam for cushioning and advanced cooling.
  2. 5G open-cell memory foam reduces motion transfer and is surrounded by a 3” wall of edge support foam.
  3. Aeroduct pocketed micro-coils provide pressure relief and precision motion isolation.
  4. High-density support foam for robust and consistent support.
  5. High-density support foam makes up the overall foundation of the mattress.

My experience

Great experience overall. The mattress arrived on time – within 10 days of placing my order. It arrived on my doorstep in a large box, which required two people to carry upstairs (the mattress weighs 83 lbs). The unboxing process was straight-forward with no hiccups. Simply remove the cardboard box (I find it easier to cut or tear the box, rather than trying to shimmy the mattress out of the top), place your mattress on your bed frame and carefully cut away the plastic. The mattress unfurls and requires 48 hours to reach its full firmness, but you can sleep on it right away.

How it feels: Soft yet supportive. Definitely a mid-range mattress in terms of firmness. I personally love it, my partner is very happy too, but would likely choose a more supportive mattress if he were solo-sleeping. It does feel quite luxurious, like I’m sleeping on a hotel bed — guessing it’s those five layers at work. It keeps us both cool at night, which is a major plus.

My favourite features: The copper-infused memory foam. I can’t stand feeling warm while I sleep, and this mattress has successfully kept me cool. I also love that I can remove and wash the cooling cover (first mattress I’ve tested with this feature) and that I can’t feel my partner tossing and turning at night. For those that like solid edge support, this mattress hasn’t let me down there either.

My least favourite feature: I haven’t found a fault yet, but have read a couple of reviews stating that the mattress loses its firmness over time, so that is something I’ll be looking out for.

Recommendation: I recommend the Apollo to anyone looking for a soft, comfy mattress that keeps you cool and offers mild support. Its copper-infused memory foam offers minimal movement transfer and it comes with a low-risk, 120-day trial period and generous 15-year warranty.

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