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The most luxurious bed you will have in your room. A work of art is how we have been describing it, If we had to compare this bed to a car this bed is the Rolls Royce of beds. The details on this bed are the leather piping that is sewn around the bed, and the corners ensure an everlasting piece of furniture. The fabric encasement has a high-quality Satin Diamond stitched to perfection. A lot of people would get a box spring cover, in this case, you want and will enjoy seeing the beauty and you will have a newfound appreciation for the workmanship put into this bed.

This bed features 6-pascal cassettes arranged according to the body’s three comfort zones: shoulders, hips, and legs. Each zone can be customized with a soft, medium, or firm cassette, thereby adapting to suit your individual needs when it comes to sleep.

What I loved and learned the most about the DUX bed is that the top pad which is 2.5 inches thick is a replaceable cotton-covered latex. It adds the extra softness and cushioning but instead of replacing the entire mattress you only need to replace the top pad making this a generational bed in my opinion.

Created in the United States and Canada by mattress retailer built with both luxury and affordability in mind. This gorgeous hybrid design aims to have the comfort plush foam and bounce of encased coils for an amazing sleeping experience.

Five layers of both foam and encased coils, stack to a 14″ of comfort. Super defined pillow top that provides you with immediate pressure relief as soon as you lay on the bed. With the edge support and bounce, you feel like you are on the bed and not lost in the bed. Giving you the most amazing sleep every single time.

We have seen the Nolah Evolution 15″ mattress everywhere and now we can confidently say we love it! This Luxury hybrid mattress has all the feels of an upscale hotel mattress. 15 inches of engineered cool sleep and deep pressure relief. With 4 patented materials, it is the perfect sleeping partner for the side sleepers who sleep hot at night. It provides hip and shoulder relief through its 6 top inches of foam and tri-zoned coils.

The Plush option will please exclusively side-sleeping people, while the Firm option is great for stomach-sleepers, as well as back-sleepers who enjoy a firmer sleeping experience. Graphite- Infused AirFoamIce contouring and pressure-relieving benefits. Graphite draws heat away from the body keeping you comfortable all night long. Pocketed coils feature three support zones and edge reinforcement.