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Logan & Cove comes from the family of mattresses by goodmorning.comI connected with Samuel Prochazka, president and CEO of GoodMorning, to better understand the history and manufacturing of their mattresses.

Not only do I appreciate that GoodMorning was one of the first bed-in-a-box to market, but Prochazka is also a really nice person. But I can’t sleep on “nice”, so I tested one of the mattresses.

I started with the Mattress Matchmaker Quiz. I filled out all of my preferences and the mattress matchmaker made me the perfect match — the Logan & Cove.

GoodMorning was founded in 2009, years before many of their competitors. Because of this, they’ve had the opportunity to understand what customers want. They currently offer seven mattresses, and the Logan & Cove is their luxury hybrid pillow-top option. I slept on it for 30 days and this is my unbiased review.

Summary: I like the Logan & Cove as it’s a luxury mattress without the luxury price tag. A queen costs $999, but the bed is supportive, medium-firm and is hand-finished with satin details and a silk-wrapped pillow-top. It’s only sold in Canada and is one of the only pillow-top mattresses that comes in a box. However, because it’s a foam-spring hybrid, it’s heavy (95-lbs heavy).

Quick facts

Weight recommendations: Up to 250 pounds per sleeper

Mattress firmness: Medium-firm, 6/10

Mattress trial period: 120 nights (free returns, full refund)

Mattress warranty:15 years

Mattress price: $999 for the queen

The Logan & Cove is a hybrid mattress, combining both springs and foam and is 14” in depth. The cover is quilted and filled with silk and Tencel. While the silk is soft and luxurious, the Tencel does the heavy lifting with its breathability and moisture-wicking qualities.

Logan & Cove explains their six-layer technology:

  1. 3/4 inch high-density cooling gel foam. The layer is great for cushioning and a smidge of body contouring while keeping the temperature cool.
  2. 1/2 inch medium-density cooling gel foam. This layer is all about equalizing the weight of your entire body. This layer works to equalize weight distribution and keep your entire body supported.
  3. 1-inch cooling gel memory foam. This layer is a heat-regulating foam.
  4. 1-inch soy-infused foam. This is an eco-conscious layer that gives specific pressure-point relief in the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.
  5. 2-inches of soy-infused foam. This layer is thicker to provide support between the pocketed coils below and cushioning above.
  6. 8 inches of individually pocketed coils. The coils are made from multi-tempered steel. They provide motion isolate support. The coils under the hips are made from a thicker gauge of steel for extra support and spinal alignment.

My experience

This is my first time trying a pillow-top mattress and a spring-foam hybrid, so it’s different. I’m used to a completely foam mattress,  but the Logan & Cove is a great and affordable option if you’d like to get back to the world of coils. If you’re following along in my mattress testing saga, which all started with trying out an Endy, you know that I sleep in a “J” position. Meaning I sleep on my side with one leg curled and the other straight.  I don’t understand how people sleep on their stomach or back, and frankly don’t trust them. I joke, but I’m a proud side sleeper. I’m 5’10” and weigh maybe 150 lbs-ish. I like a firm mattress, so when I was filling in the quiz, I selected the most supportive options.

As I mentioned above, because I’m used to foam mattresses, I was surprised by the weight of a hybrid. I needed to call in reinforcement to help with the setup. But because the mattress is locked and loaded with springs, I know that weight is associated with quality steel. I also found that the Logan & Cove likes a few hours to really grow to its full potential once unwrapped. It feels softer than it really is before it has time to fully expand.

How it feels: The mattress feels like the perfect balance of a classic spring mattress and a modern foam bed-in-a-box. It’s supportive but cushiony because of the pillow top. I don’t know if it’s the Tencel or gel layers, but something is working to keep me cool during my snooze.

It feels silky and smooth to the touch, so my sheets can enjoy the softness. One thing that stands out with the Logan & Cove over other mattresses I’ve tested is the edge support. It’s still not perfect, but I think I’m looking for crib-like edge support — full-on walls. The edge support would be a 10/10 without the pillow top, but that’s not the mattress’s reality. The pillow top is nice to have too, I wouldn’t want to remove it in the name of edge support. It makes it feel like you’re enjoying a luxurious sleep.

My favourite features: I like the spring-foam hybrid. The bed-in-a-box world really emphasizes all-foam beds, so it’s really nice to have a hybrid option. I think it’s a great balance between new and classic mattresses, taking on the most convenient feature of modern beds — it comes in a box. I’m so happy to never step into a retail setting again to buy a mattress.

GoodMorning has crunched a ton of mattress and sleeping data to create their selection of mattresses. Their sleep trial, return policy and warranty are so wonderful, there is zero risk in buying a mattress from them.

The edge support is also a winning feature. I don’t know how close a fully foam mattress can come to the edge support that is offered by a hybrid or spring option.

It’s also a thick mattress. You can feel the quality of all 14 inches of mattress. The mattress feels like it should cost more than $999.

My least favourite feature: It’s heavy. Though I said that there’s “zero risk” when buying a bed from GoodMorning, the weight of the mattress should be considered. It’s almost 100 lbs and it takes two people to set up. So if you don’t like it, then the risk is that you’re going to have to carry it twice. In the long run, it’s not a huge deal, considering sleep’s importance, but it’s a factor to note.

I also don’t find the design to be as sleek as some bed-in-a-box companies. Other companies focus a lot more on brand and aesthetics where GoodMorning and Logan & Cove seem to be mostly focused on function. It doesn’t really make a huge difference, as you don’t see a mattress, besides on laundry day.

Recommendation: I recommend the Logan & Cove to anyone who likes a medium-firm mattress, doesn’t want to stray too far from springs but is ready to reap the benefits from newer foam and gel technologies. It’s a fair price and offers a cool, supportive and restful night’s sleep. Just ensure there are two able-bodied adult people who are ready to carry and unfurl the Logan & Cove to let it grow to all of its beautiful hybrid glory.

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