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After two nights in our new-to-us 2016 Black Rock 22RKS travel trailer, no amount of espresso (even with Irish Crème) could put a smile on our faces before 10 am. This was our third RV trip and the expression on Cindy’s face told me ‘I better fix this’.

In an inexpensive attempt to make the bed more comfortable, we tried a slab of 10 cm (3 in) thick memory foam with a thin pillow top over the original mattress. Dog beds are better built and more comfortable, which was good news for me since that’s where I would be sleeping if I couldn’t solve this issue.

The top is a removable, washable, breathable, moisture-wicking cover, followed by a cooling gel-foam layer and subsequently, two different foam layers designed for spring, support and to reduce motion transfer.

You may not be aware, but an RV queen mattress is not necessarily the same size as a residential queen. There are two types. There’s a residential queen size, which is 152 x 203 cm (60 x 80 in) and the RV short queen that measures 152 x 191 cm (60 x 75 in). The beds are smaller so that RV bedrooms can be smaller, while still claiming that they are spacious enough for a ‘queen’ bed. The result is you can’t necessarily go to your favourite bedroom retailer, lie down on a couple of mattresses and then bring one home. Ours was an RV short queen.

Attempting to stave off sleeping in the same ‘house’ as our bulldog Emmett (which is like sleeping with a sumo wrestler suffering from sleep apnea), I quickly began researching my options. I reached out to that provided a mattress for review.

The stock mattress measured 7.5 cm (3 in) thick. It was so flimsy you could feel the wood platform right through it. Even when it was topped or supported with 7.5 cm (3 in) memory foam as shown here, we couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.

The company was founded in Edmonton, AB, manufactures in several locations across Canada and is the country’s largest independent online mattress retailer. While I had heard the expression ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattress before, I’d never experienced one. As we were amid the Covid pandemic, my traditional shopping options were limited and my time to find a solution was running out. Although I was somewhat reluctant, I was comforted by the 120-night sleep trial, free shipping and returns, and the 15-year warranty.

With a few clicks, I selected the Douglas in an RV queen short size. We immediately received an order confirmation, followed by an email with a tracking order and delivery date. Like some of the best online retailers, I was able to set up an account and could follow my order online through the process. From the order date to delivery, took 12 days. I was saved… if it was as comfortable as I promised.

The mattress can be moved more easily if you leave it in the sealed bag until you get it into the bedroom.

When the box arrived, I became concerned. The dimensions of the box didn’t align with the size of the mattress I expected. Where was the massive package that can be barely manhandled upstairs and through doorways?

I wisely left the mattress in the box until I had it in the RV. Then it was time to unbox, unroll and test. The difference between GoodMorning and the stock mattress was astounding. Just looking at the two, it is an insult to mattresses everywhere to call the stock product a mattress. I called Cindy in for the all-important decision. Eureka! The mattress passed the initial inspection. Elated, we began the RV season successfully and enjoying the sleep that everyone deserves.

What’s more, makes residential mattresses as well in a variety of styles and sizes. When the day comes for a new mattress at our house, this Canadian manufacturer will be on our list.

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