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If COVID-19 has taught us one thing, other than how to properly sanitize, it’s how to online shop. No more roaming through the isles of The Bay, Sears (remember them), or Sleep Country for a mattress. Instead, we spend countless hours browsing through the internet trying to virtually find the best option. While the mattress-in-a-box market is expanding, the 2 most prominent brands in Canada seem to be Casper and Endy. I tried out both of the duelling companies and I come to you bearing my reviews, good and bad.

Casper offers 4 different mattress options, the most popular being their Original. It is made of memory foam, said to be breathable to help keep you cool, which I found worked moderately well. The company boasts of an innovative support system with softer give around the shoulders and firmer hold on your lower body. I enjoyed having the option to choose between firmness levels among the different types, but even so, I found this mattress had little to no give. What I did like about this company, albeit not the most important factor, was the easy handling of the box and quick unboxing time.

Endy does not give you any options but instead provides just one mattress that is designed “for all”. This made me skeptical of the brand at first but I was pleasantly surprised after I tried it out. Instead of being made from traditional memory foam, which can trap heat easily, it is made of “Endy Foam” that uses an open air cell structure to create better temperature control. I will say that I experienced a better cooling effect with the Casper mattress than the Endy. This mattress did have nice firmness while still allowing give but I would have preferred an option to better customize it to my needs.

While this was originally understood to be a Casper Vs. Endy trial, I decided to bring a third option into the mix as I wasn’t completely satisfied with either choice. The Logan & Cove mattress by ended up blowing the other 2 mattresses I tried out of the water. It uses a blend of motion-isolating pocket coils and 2 layers of soy-infused foam that ensure that I am NEVER disturbed by my partner’s rustling and shifting in the night. Layers of airflow circulating gel and bio-foam as well as a temperature-regulating silk-blend layer delivered the most efficient cooling effects of all 3 mattresses. I especially loved the extended trial period of 120 days, the other 2 companies offer only 100 days, as I was able to make sure that I definitely loved the mattress. It’s important to give yourself time to get used to your new mattress. You may love it or hate it at first, but I would say that at least 30 night’s sleep is required to really start to make an opinion.

No matter which mattress in a box you purchase it’s always important to let them breathe. Do not, I repeat, do NOT sleep on them right away. I highly recommend letting it rise and expand for a full day before sleeping on it for the best results. The websites usually recommend letting it sit for about 4 hours but if you want the best first impression, the longer the better. And finally, beware of mattress covers. If you don’t choose the right one, they can add a top layer of discomfort to the mattress. I bought the Logan & Cove cover and it’s also great and easy to wash.