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Beds in boxes are no longer a novelty, so what does it take to impress us when it comes to this modern-day sleep solution? A mattress that’s delivered to our door with, well, more.

Enter—the great Canadian mattress company whose Douglas is a bestseller among its wide range of sleep solutions. The Douglas’ first points were scored as soon as it showed up; delivered in four days flat, despite being a queen (it also comes in eight other sizes) we found this mattress surprisingly light, a cinch to manoeuvre through our tight townhouse and easy to unbox and unroll. The next test came that night; in the past, it’s taken us days, weeks and months to get used to a new mattress. Not so with the Douglas by—let’s just say we started off on the right side of the bed. We not only found this medium-firm mattress uber-comfortable, offering the perfect balance of support and pressure-point relief for all sleeping positions (fetal for us, flat-on-the-back for hubs), but the combination of its iconic red-and-white CoolSense® cover and luxury ecoLight® cooling gel foam worked like magic to keep us cool and comfy during an unusual spring heatwave that saw temps in Vancouver soar. Note: there’s no way we’re giving this baby back, but’s 120-night risk-free trial period, after which returns are full, fast and free, means one can take their time (to the tune of four months) getting to know their new mattress and deciding if it’s the right fit.

Other fine first impressions: since Douglas arrived, we haven’t “felt” our bed buddy shift or leave for his customary midnight snack and, though we’re not sure whether we can fully attribute this to the mattress, his snoring has decreased. (Chalk it up to getting an actual good night’s sleep on a great mattress?!) And, finally, the price point: $749 (a comparable mattress from another retailer is $850) is truly the stuff sweet dreams are made of. Check it out at